I recommend Rob to anyone wanting to grow physically and mentally. Before joining the **Lagana Fitness Systems** program, I tried many fitness trends with no success. Rob’s focus on real food and mindset was unique and impactful. In my six months with him, he taught me valuable lessons, and I transformed in ways I didn’t expect. It’s all about changing the way we think first. My husband now trains with Rob and has seen huge improvements too. Having the right guide, like Rob, makes all the difference! Jessica Martin, Wellness Program Director, Denver, CO, USA

I always wanted to be a bodybuilder but didn’t know how. I wanted to gain muscle, lose fat, and get a meal plan suited for a picky eater like me. After searching, I found Coach Rob Lagana. From our first talk, I knew he was the one to guide me. With Lagana Fitness Systems, I wasn’t alone. Rob always told me what to do: when to eat, what exercises to do, and even which vitamins to take. He was always there to help, using simple explanations and motivating words.
At first, I was worried because changes took time. But with Rob’s plan, I started seeing results. My body began to change, and I realized how much nutrition and the right exercises mattered. After 8 months, I saw the real benefits. I’m so thankful I found Rob. His knowledge, caring nature, and dedication are top-notch. If you want the best fitness coach, choose Rob Lagana. Shelley Cross, Registered Nurse,Ottawa Eye Clinic Ottawa, ON Canada

Without Lagana Fitness Systems, I wouldn’t be where I am. In just 12 months, Rob has shown me there’s a way to change and reignited my lost hope. The results? I went from couch potato to fitness model in 1 year losing 145 lbs and building muscle to shape and tone my body. Plus, my weight loss journey inspired me to write “Breakin’ Free by Rosy Ghannai” on Amazon to motivate other women. Rosy Ghannai, Author and single Mom of 4 children, Ottawa, ON Canada

I dreamed of joining a bikini contest. After a year, I finally chose to chase this dream. While searching for coaches in Ottawa, Rob’s 20-year competing experience caught my eye. He responded fast, and I was excited to start with Lagana Fitness Systems! We quickly planned my training. Rob’s coaching was essential for my journey. Having a clear meal plan made everything straightforward. Updating Rob with photos kept me honest. Being new to contests, I felt nervous. Once, I wanted to quit. But, after meeting Rob, he firmly said, “you won’t give up.” We improved my plan, and my results got even better. Thanks to Rob, I won first place! This competition wasn’t just about winning, but about personal growth. Big thanks to Coach Rob for the transformation! Brittany Fields New York, NY

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